French writing about next weekend

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Episode 14 - Can you speak French?

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French Writing Challenges - week two

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You have to try it this relationship. This is our second set of weekend writing challenges, and we’ve already made two improvements: your scores are totalled at the end and there’s a C1 challenge!.

Note: the actual challenges are sent by email as Kwiziq System Communications. (If you don’t have a Kwiziq account, register now to receive the next set of exercises.

Why These Charming Villages in the French Alps Should Be Your Next Summer Destinations

Premium accounts receive a new set every week, free accounts. This Vegan French Onion Soup will make you cry happy tears! It’s loaded with savory flavors from caramelized onions, broth infused bread and bubbly gooey ‘cheese’. This is a gorgeous, sumptuous large-format book of beauty and inspiration.

I've followed Sharon Santoni's blog for years and this volume distills and exemplifies the essence of the charming moments and memories of her idyllic life in the French countryside.

I prefer the boy’s weekend because I like extreme sports. For example I think horse riding is extreme sport (I do it every week) because you can fall and break leg or arm or what worse your backbone.

The weekend

For Higher Tier accuracy is more important. Carefully check spelling, accents, gender, plurals and tenses. Try to include different tenses if possible. You may be asked about what you did last weekend (past tense); try to add if you'll do the same thing next weekend (future tense).As with the conversation part of the speaking exam, this is your opportunity to show what you can do.

There it was. That email I’d been waiting for. Back in summer, I’d set myself a goal: go from intermediate to fluent French in 5 months. At the end of November, I took an advanced level French .

French writing about next weekend
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