Film review on our family wedding

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Our Family Wedding

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Sign in to make. Mar 12,  · “Our Family Wedding’’ is another Hollywood fast-food sandwich. But instead of two squirts of ketchup someone actually took the time to lay some fresh tomato on that greasy bun.

The movie tricks out the &#;Guess Who&#;s Coming to Dinner&#;&#; formula for a hyperrracial, upper-middle class 21st-century Los Angeles.

Our Family Wedding – Love, Laughs & Bad Acting March 16th, by Gregg Senko Our Family Wedding is a tongue-in-cheek romantic comedy starring Ugly Betty ’s America Ferrera as Lucia Ramirez, who is certainly not ugly in this new film. All of our family and friends were so impressed with our love story video (which premiered at our wedding) and our wedding highlight reel.

The Stockham team did a wonderful job of making my husband and I comfortable during what was one of the most emotional days of our lives. OUR FAMILY WEDDING is a comedy about an engaged couple caught between their two fathers, one Hispanic and the other African American.

It stars America Ferrera of TV’s UGLY BETTY and Lance Gross of TV’s HOUSE OF PAYNE. Lucia and Marcus are ready to. Our Family Wedding is a predictably fraught ensemble comedy about the clash of cultures between Mexican-American and African-American families who must grit their teeth and bear their cultural differences for the sake of their love-struck offspring.

Lance Gross and America Ferrera, 'Our Family Wedding' Betsy Sharkey, Tribune Newspapers Instead of invitations, they should be sending out apologies for "Our Family Wedding," a cake and kisses.

Film review on our family wedding
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